Beowulf: Qualities Of A Hero

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Throughout the story, Beowulf displays many attributes of a hero. In the story Beowulf shows many characteristics of hero such as strength, courage, and intelligence. In the story, Beowulf displays these qualities of a hero in battles that he is involved in during the story. The battles Beowulf is involved in is how Beowulf earns his fame and gains these characteristics. In the story, Beowulf fights and defeats monsters around the different kingdoms in the story protecting the other humans in the story which leads to him being king.
One quality that Beowulf possesses is unnatural strength, “He twisted in pain, and and the bleeding sinews deep in his shoulder snapped, muscle and bone split” (357). Beowulf displays this characteristic in the story in his
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In the story, Beowulf displays intelligence by examining the situation at hand and figuring out a way to rise to victory, even in the face of danger. For instance in the battle between him and Grendal’s Mother he realized that his ringed sword was not sizable enough to actually harm her so he examines the area and spots a giant forged sword and uses his strength to grab the sword and cut Grendal’s Mother’s head off. He uses his intelligence after he fight by making sure Grendal was for sure dead and cut his head off. Beowulf uses Grendal’s head as a comfort to the danes in the story so that they know for sure Grendal is dead. Beowulf uses his intelligence and other qualities of a hero to examine every monster’s weakness and then goes for the killing blow, such as when Beowulf kills the dragon. He kills the dragon by spoting a weak spot in the dragon’s throat as it starts to breath fire, then Beowulf cuts it open and rips it’s heart out. This is how Beowulf dispalys intelligence in the

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