Beowulf Deliverer Analysis

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Beowulf, the Deliverer. What comes to mind when one hears the word delivery? Is it the FedEx man delivering a package, or those annoying “It’s not delivery, it’s Digiorno “pizza commercial? For the Spear-Danes, they weren’t concerned about the quality of their frozen pizza, but rather the relentless torment they experienced every night. With no hope left for them it seemed, a hero came from a faraway land to help them when they needed it most. Putting himself in harm’s way for people he didn’t even know. When thinking of a savior, often times thoughts turn towards Jesus Christ. When reading Beowulf, it’s very clear that Beowulf could be considered a savior to the Danes. From the travel to an unknown land to help strangers, or his final sacrifice to the enemy he knew he couldn’t defeat alone. Beowulf is a savior in various ways, and many even coincide with Jesus himself.
The Danes had exhausted every option trying to defeat Grendel, or at last to make him go away for good. Despite all their efforts, none were successful. A man from a land far away came to live with the Danes.
Beowulf, you've come to us in friendship, and because/ Of the reception your father found at court./ Edgetho had begun a bitter feud.”
He had many rumors spreading around about his origin and his past accomplishments. His father had been helped by the Danes many years ago, so Beowulf felt like he owed them a big favor because of this. Not everyone believed in him, but there were several who

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