Beowulf Slay The Dragon Analysis

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After Beowulf and Wiglaf unite they slay the dragon. Together, they thrust the dagger into the dragon’s flank. The dragon falls, but it was a hollow victory. Beowulf was struck in the neck and had become mortally wounded. Beowulf’s last request is to see the treasure lying in the dragon’s hoard. Wiglaf entered the dark tower and made his way to a room filled wall to wall with shimmering gold, gems, cups, and bracelets, all illuminated by a peculiar light. The room was undisturbed and peaceful, nothing moved, no monsters lay in his sight. Above his head hung an alluring golden banner. He took the banner, and all the treasures that pleased his eye, and filled his arms until he could hold no more. Then, Wiglaf rushed to his king, eager to show

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