Beowulf : The Leader Of The Anglo-Saxon Hero

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Being a great leader can depend on what circumstances are given and how they are handled. It can also fall upon the leader to be devoted, strong, humble, caring, and to be there when people need help, no matter the situation. Even in modern day, a leader has a duty to protect his/her followers, in order to stay in command and gain his/her trust and commitment. The Anglo-Saxon hero demonstrates these qualities by relying on his mental strength to overcome his age to defend and physical strength to hunt and destroy evil threats for the people who can not defend themselves. Future leaders can also use Beowulf as an example and can base their own leadership styles off of his characteristics. Beowulf, the leader of the Geats warrior tribe, portrayed the perfect type of hero. It is obvious that he portrays the natural hero role through his confidence and strength. He first displays his leadership skills whenever he felt called to come help Hrothgar and his monster problem. By using his strength, he defeated Grendel. His loyalty came about when Grendel’s came back and terrorized the town and hurt the king’s best companion. Beowulf continued to fight because he felt that this was his responsibility. Beowulf also portrays loyalty to his homeland by giving his gifts to the the king and queen. When King Higlac died, the position of King was presented to Beowulf. But he denied the position because the King’s son was still alive and deserved to the rightful heir to the throne. But

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