Beowulf Trust In God

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The hero Beowulf once proclaimed, “I shall gain glory or die.” The powerful warrior experiences the aid of God throughout his accomplishments, however, towards the end portion of his life he appears to desire more power and fails to trust in God. Beowulf destroys the man eating creature, Grendel, and his mother with the security of God. His actions led the people into assuming that he was a loyal ruler, although, due to the lack of spirituality and the gaining of arrogance, he began to turn away from God. As the reverse position, he is told about Queen Modthryth, who murdered warriors that dared to look her in the eyes and then following her remarriage she was a pleasant queen. Many men of the nation notified Beowulf concerning the probability of him turning into a self-important warrior. Did the trust in God truly affect the outcome in Beowulf’s situation? In one situation before the attack from Grendel, the remission between the Heathobards and the Danes occurred, and it is said that because of the men being intoxicated with alcohol, they would eventually remember the treasures the Heathobards stole from the Danes and arise at war again. This dilemma would have been resolved more simply with the ease and aid from God to the people. Grendel attacks the men in the hall because of the loud music and partying that he is not included in. The decision of whom would fade in the fight was made by God, which is why Beowulf terminated Grendel. If Grendel would have took care of

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