Bermuda Triangle Research Paper

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I. The Myth of the Bermuda Triangle A: Examples of theories and historical events. B: Environmental reasoning of the location.
II. The Popular Mystery of Flight 19 A: The legend of six fighter planes disappearing on a routine flight. B: How the Bermuda Triangle got its name from this mystery. C: The true occurrence of how the mission went and explanation of phenomena.

For years there has been an unsolved mystery of disappearances of boats and planes with no trace of evidence left behind. All of these conspiracies had relevance as to the whereabouts of these lost travelers. The locations of these disappearances were within a geographical triangle in the Atlantic Ocean. The corners of this legendary triangle were
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But these dangerous spouts aren't capable of being spotted in the dark and any plane or ship that encounters one could be easily ripped to shreds (Berlitz 82). Clear air turbulence is another possibility for the loss of air planes. Clear air turbulence are areas a vacuum in the atmosphere caused by the jet stream which moves at speeds up to 200 knots per hour (Berlitz 85). This natural force cannot be detected by any present day technology (Berlitz 84). There are also electromagnetic problems in this area. Accident investigators believe this may be responsible for the disappearances (Kushe 13). This causes problems with the compass and any other feature that may deter a navigator. This isn't the only place on the world that causes these obscurities. Another place that shows these same problems is The Devil's Sea off the coast of Japan (Kushe 12). Some scientists believe that these places might have once been the location of one of the earth's magnetic poles that changed in prehistoric times (Kushe 267). Finally, the topography of the ocean floor varies from extensive shoals around the islands to some of the deepest marine trenches in the world (Rosenburg no. 6). With the interaction of the strong currents over the many reefs the topography is in a state of constant flux and development of new navigational hazards is swift (Rosenburg no. 6). On the date December 5, 1945, the largest and
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