Bertie And Lionel Logue In The King's Speech And A Beautiful Mind

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The contrast between Bertie and Lionel Logue in “The King’s Speech” and John Nash and Charles Herman in “A Beautiful Mind.”

In “The King’s Speech” and “A Beautiful Mind” the contrast between the characters whom I will be discussing is evident. “The King’s Speech” and “A Beautiful Mind” are both highly recommended films. The director makes use of film techniques such as mise-en-scene and cinematography as well as the use of subtle but effective imagery that reflect the emotions that the characters are feeling at a certain point in the film.
The film techniques are used in such a way so as to enhance the viewer’s empathy for the characters as well as to better portray the emotions that the characters are feeling in the film. Both films make use of contrast which is “the state of being strikingly different from something else in juxtaposition or close association.” The contrast was created in the films to show how uptight, awkward and introverted the main characters of these films and are by making them have close relationships with a side character who is outgoing, confident and extraverted.
“The King’s Speech” is my favourite of the two films. The film follows Prince Albert- AKA Bertie – as he battles his speech impediment that he had since he was a child of 5 years. He and his wife Elizabeth seek help from Lionel Logue who is an Australian actor and speech therapist to try and overcome his stammer. The two are very different in the sense that they come from two very

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