The Queen, Directed by Stephen Frears Essay

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Director Stephen Frears chose, when filming this movie, to use traditional 35mm film for the scenes featuring the Royal Family. He chose to use traditional 35mm film to reflect the traditional views of the Royal Family. The syntax analyzed the language provided by the syntax helped understand the Royal Family traditional culture. The Royal Family at the beginning of the film had deep traditional roots and don’t agree with the progressive members of the society at large. After Princess Diana’s death the Royal Family believed that the arraignments should be kept as a private matter of her family. The Royal Family strongly believed that the Princess Diana was no longer part of the Royal Family since her divorce to the son of Queen …show more content…

During this scene the director Stephen Frears chose to use modern videotape. To film this scene modern videotape was chosen because Frears wanted to show the viewers that both the traditional and modern culture had reunited. The Queen then assures that there has been a change from a traditional to a modern culture. The switch from filming this movie in traditional 35mm film for the Royal Family and the modern videotape for the scenes featuring the government and Tony Blair helped reinforce the theme of difference between the tradional Royals and the progressive members of society at large. It also shows how the traditional Royals had slowly changed their views at the end when Frears uses modern film to film the final scene when Blair and the Queen are heading for a walk to speak about Britain. The Queen states that life in Britain has changes and the monarchy must modernise in the future. Director Stephen Frears did a great job using syntax to help analize the language in the movie and reinforcing the theme. He also did a great job reinforcing the theme with real television clips. An example when the people in the news clip confirm that the Queen is acting traditionally while they have modernilized and their actions show that they have progressively modernised. When the Queen is watching the news and the people are speaking about their feeling toward the actions taken by the Queen after the death of Diana. The real telivision clips make the events in the film

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