Best Practice And Recommendation # 3 : Increase Revenue Diversity Essay

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Best Practice and Recommendation #3:
Increase Revenue Diversity

Historic and Current Revenue Streams
Inter-Faith Food Shuttle began as a redistribution program, utilizing the private vehicles of its founders to move food from donors to clients. The model was extremely simple and the founders paid for gas and supplies out of their own pockets. Over time the organization grew, as did its budget.

In calendar year 2015, IFFS received more than $13 million in support and revenues (as shown in the chart below). As has been the case throughout the organization’s history, the largest portion of support came in the form of donations. Executive Director, Koch says IFFS has become more dependent than he would like on government grants. He feels that a strategic move to reduce the utilization of government grants will make the revenues more stable from year to year and allow them to focus on their mission of pioneering innovative, transformative solutions to end hunger. (

Koch also believes IFFS has experienced mission drift as it tried to maintain grant funding. For many organizations, mission drift can have a significant impact. Professional journals and researchers alike warn of the negative impacts of grant chasing mission drift.

Best Practices
Our class readings discussed how fluctuations in grants (for any variety of reasons) can have a substantial impact on the ability of nonprofits to fulfill their missions. Steven Rathgeb Smith
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