Memorandum of the Case of the Central Park Children’s Zoo Essay

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Memorandum It is so difficult for nonprofit organizations to deal with the withdrawal of a major gift. In order to illustrate what ABC Nonprofit should be aware of and how to successfully navigate the complexities that it is facing, I selected the case of the Central Park Children’s Zoo as an example. I suggest that ABC Nonprofit should get to know more about the new major donors before reaching agreements, handle the major gift wisely, and have good relationships with both major donors and individuals or communities that have involved in. First of all, getting to know more about the new major donors before reaching agreements is important. Basically, some major donors donate a gift to a nonprofit because they want the nonprofit to …show more content…

If the donors’ principles or behaviors mismatch with the nonprofits, the nonprofits should not accept the gift even though it is a large one. The second suggestion is dealing with the major gift and the relationship with major donors wisely. The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), which was the organization that was in charge of rebuilding the Children’s Park, did both good and bad jobs on handling the Everetts’ gift. The president and the vice president of WCS, William Conway and Jennifer Herring, warned the Everetts that the final form of acknowledgement would depend on different related parties that had a say in the plan. It is beneficial not to firmly promise the donors on something undecided or can not be guaranteed. However, the WCS could do more on explaining the process and the result of every process of the plan to the Everett. The WCS did not need the Everetts to attend the meetings of the plans; they even did not tell them more details on the meetings. When the Everett showed impatience of the long-time process of the plan and the repeated changes to the zoo’s design, the WCS should comfort them and explain the reasons for them. It seems the WCS did not care the major donors carefully enough. If the WCS had communicated more with the Everetts, their relationship would not end. Even though a nonprofit wants to withdraw a major gift, it is significant to keep the relationship with the major donor. The donor may still

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