Best Practices For Preventing Identifying And Reporting Internet Fraud Essay

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Best Practices for Preventing, Identifying and Reporting Internet Fraud The Internet plays critical roles in the fabric of today 's society, and people use their computers and mobile devices for business, social contact, recreation playing games and many other activities. However, everyone faces cyber crime risks when using their computersm and these perils range from phishing to investment fraud. People use their computing devices to work, buy products and services and store vital personal information. Unfortunately, everything that you read and view on the screen isn 't always what it appears. Crooks and con artists have always come up with creative ways to steal personal information, trick people out of their money and valuables and promote questionable practices such as pyramid schemes. Digital communications and the Internet have increased access to information for everyone, but easy access empowers criminals who can work in relative anonymity to commit their cyber crimes. Regardless of how you use the Internet, it 's critical that you learn ways to protect your data, spot scams and take appropriate action when you suspect that something 's not right. Doing nothing could constitute negligence and reduce your ability to get out of the financial liabilities that identity theft and other crimes might generate. Failure to safeguard business practices and client information could subject you to legal claims, fines and penalties if you work in an industry where you 're

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