The Effects Of Cyber Legislation On The United States

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Times have changed what was known as organized crime has been replaced by Cybercrimes (Heists: Cybercrimes with Ben Hammersley). Cybercrimes have risen dramatically in recent years and have become a major issue the United States and company’s face today jeopardizing as well as threatening the critical infrastructure of America (Cyberwar Threat, 2005). Sadly, the status quo of cyber security is very unstable with the advancements and growth which has put most individuals and businesses into an enormous threat (Agustina, 2015). These threats should not be taken lightly by the corporations they are real, and the need for companies to protect themselves from cyberspace is pressing. Unfortunately, technology and …show more content…

Regulation workings on civil procedures and constitutional limitations on technology innovations as well as information access are slow. One main issue remains by the time the government can agree on the written law regulating cybersecurity regulations nationally it will be outdated due to the ever changes in cyber-attacks, viruses, and computer processing power (Maitra, 2015). Furthermore, the government’s regulations and controls are incapable of protecting their networks. The federal government alone had 65 cyber security breaches (Neal & Ilsever, 2016). Because of the government failing to protect its networks, the private sector cannot rely on the government and needs to be responsible for determining the business organizational standards for the private sector. Developing management practices and a company culture to deter cybercrime, protect company information, and develop cybersecurity requirements to protect all legal rights. Developing internal cybersecurity will not only set company standards, but will develop strategies to protect new legal territory since innovations in technology governs current practices when dealing with civil rights, employment, environmental, and labor laws (Neal & Ilsever, 2016).
Technology Innovations and Information Access on Civil Procedure and Constitutional Limitations

When looking at how technology has transformed the delivery of

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