Betray The Night Analysis

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Betray the Night: A novel about Ovid, was part of a series composed by Benita Jaro. Her works mainly include historical novels, but she also has works in poetry and other forms of literature. Betray the Night was written as a historical novel, but Jaro managed to weave poetry into her classic. The story begins with Pinaria, the second wife of Ovid. Ovid was perhaps the greatest poet to come from the Roman empire. He was renowned even in his own time and his works are still incredible. Pinaria is trying to keep the house together and take care of the beggars that came to her home, when her husband returns from a trip to the estate of his friend’s father. He is hungry, but there is little food left because most was given away to the poverty-stricken. Pinaria senses that something is wrong with her husband, but he says everything is fine. The next day, Ovid is exiled from the Roman Empire and leaves for a new life outside of Rome. He does not directly state his troubles, but it is revealed that the content in one of his poems upset Augustus. Due to this, he is relegated. From there, the story is told through Pinaria, as she tries to find her husband and bring her him home. She is burdened by being a woman in Roman times. Even though she is married to a famous poet, she is seen as nothing to society. She is left to find answers on her own, unsure of the reason behind her husband's banishment. She visits her relatives who are close confidants to the Emperor, but even they

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