Betrayal In Julius Caesar

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In the play “Julius Caesar” there were multiple characters that performed throughout the play. However, there were only two characters that stood out the most, Brutus and Cassius. The play starts out in the City of Rome, where a celebration is taking place over the victorious Julius Caesar who conquered the city of Pompeii. The celebration of this victory begins the feelings of betrayal by his companions who seem highly jealous of his actions. The Jealous few are the senators and high status figures among the city of Rome, who are becoming quite jealous of the Caesar’s growing power. Brutus on the other hand, fears that tyrannical rule may come to Rome if Caesar gains power of the city. The jealousy and fear develops conspirators with Cassius and Brutus being the two in charge and most important characters of Julius Caesars assassination. The assassination of Rome’s most loved soldier Julius Caesar is greatly mourned over and with Antony’s convincing speech of Caesars loyalty to Rome. The Roman populous and Antony seek revenge for Caesars murder by hunting down the conspirator’s within the city and eventually creating an war against Cassius and Brutus. In the war, the two mains characters Brutus and Cassius committed to suicided to save their own honor and allowed Antony and Octavius who is Julius Caesars adopted son to win the war. In the play, Brutus and Cassius show distinct differences in there traits as characters and there goal for assassinating Julius Caesar. In

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