Essay Beyoncé and Taylor Swift Use Their Voices for the Good

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Women earn significantly less compared to men in the workforce, usually around 23% less. Although this is a publicized statistic and is blatantly unfair, little action is taken to ameliorate the disparity. It is time to step aside, the Beyslayers are coming through, we run the world, now countdown and let us upgrade you. Power is in the voice, and, the power of the voice can energize a nation. Fortunately, Beyoncé is that voice. Taylor Swift is a prime example of someone who uses her voice to deliver a message to society; however, her message is one that weakens the female character and undermines the capabilities and strength of women. This behavior is unacceptable and we the Beyslayers say, “Renounce Taylor, reinstate feminism.”…show more content…
Furthermore, Swift seems to indicate that a woman’s only source of power is to prohibit boys from entering their pants.
A dangerous aspect of Swift’s role as a model towards young women is that she typically avoids taking responsibility for aspects of her career as well as failed relationships. In the case of the latter, she tends to blame a terrible relationship solely on the man, while she plays the helpless victim. Instead of taking an active role in her experiences, Swift passively lets life happen. When we are currently at a pivotal time in the discussion of equality and feminism, it is detrimental to have Swift’s listeners believe luck will lead them into success.
Although one excuse for the lack of substantial meaning in Swift’s lyrics may be her age, Beyoncé’s history refutes that idea. When Swift was nineteen she released her song “Love Story,” about a girl waiting around for her boy to come and take her away. Meanwhile, when Beyoncé was nineteen, she, along with the other members of Destiny’s Child released the song “Independent Woman.” Some of the lyrics to this song include “The shoes on my feet/I’ve bought it/The clothes I’m wearing/I’ve bought it/‘Cause I depend on me.” Evidently, Beyoncé has a much more empowering message for her audience.
Since her work with Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé has written about the strength and power of women. Her recently released self-titled album has been deemed “Beyoncé’s
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