Beyonce Pretty Hurts Analysis

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Narrative Beyonce pretty hurts Pretty hurts shine the light on whatever's worse Perfection is the disease of a nation Pretty hurts Shine the light on whatever's worse Trying fix something But you can't fix what you can't see It's the soul that needs the surgery Blonde hair, flat chest TV says bigger is better South beach, sugar free Vogue says Thinner is better The experimental piece that I’ve chosen is by Beyoncé’s song pretty hurts. This is a self-empowering song that touches on the subject of how the society judges women based on their physical appearance (more specifically on their body weight) and how women continuously feel the need to conform to these societal beauty standards even if it makes them unhappy. Since the idea has been pushed upon humanity…show more content…
Both these disorders are quite dangerous as they could put someone’s life at stake. There are various websites that support these eating disorders, these websites encourage those who want u be thinner to engage on these dangerous behaviours. (Bar done-Cone & Cass, 2007). Children have role models which are mostly celebrities and models. These people who they look up to, and as a society we need to stop labelling them as having the ideal perfect body (size zero} , these are people who have publicly announced that they suffer from eating disorders. Thus if we keep encouraging this deal body we are contributing to development eating disorders since they would want to be/look like them. (Hausenblas et al., 2013). I believe the media's standards of beauty and the thin ideal are improving, slowly but surely. Vogue has banned super-skinny models and most magazines have been trying to push body positivity by and some companies have banned airbrushing and companies such as dove have put out a video of how much makeup and preparing one needs, this was done to improve the self-esteem of young
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