' Bhaskar Bharti ' Directed By Pavan Kaul And Manoj Kotian

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"Behind every working woman, there is a large pile of unwashed laundry." This is a famous quote by 'Barbara Dale '. What we can be understand from this quote is that, women face a lot of problems each and every day both in the society as well as in the working place. They are always shown with a transparent lens criticizing each and every act of their 's negatively. All this is explained and illustrated through an Indian romantic comedy and feminist show titled 'Bhaskar Bharti ' directed by Pavan Kaul and Manoj Kotian. This show explores how women are forced to face with enormous variety of problems in the workplace by portraying the leading man named 'Bhaskar ' as a playboy who cheats all women. Eventually, one of his girlfriends (whom he promised to marry) curses him to turn into a woman, so that he may understand the pain and anguish that he has caused her and other women. The curse comes true, and Bhaskar transforms into a woman that night; it is, in fact, a punishment by the god to be transformed into a beautiful woman named 'Bharti '. The remaining story centers on how a man in the feet of woman undergoes the problems in the life of woman at the workplace, society and henceforth, understands and changes drastically later during the course of time. Bhaskar Bharti represents women 's struggles with gender dominance and pressures in working place and society by proving that the power should not be used to degrade women, and that sisterhood is the ultimate power.…

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