Qualities Of Publi Binodini Dasi

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new space for herself and also for other female actors during the conventional period of nineteenth century. She was also known as Noti Binodini particularly at the performance domain. Binodini, who was born to a prostitute, belongs to the first generation of actress family of the Bengal public theatre. She made her debut at the age of eleven in a one-line performance as Draupadi’s hand maiden at Great National Theatre in Calcutta in 1874 under the guidelines, Girish Chandra Ghosh, who is the founder of the theatre. Within a short span of the time, she was recognised as a talented star. The paper depicts categorically about the characters she performed during twelve years of her acting career. Apart from that, it talks how the characters she performed are comparable to her personal life. The paper also talks about categorically how she was deceived by the chief coordinator of the theatre, with whom she lived. The main aim of this paper is to dig out the virtuous noble qualities of women actresses, though they are propagated as impure personalities in this male dominated society.
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In those days the ladies from upper-caste families were not allowed to act on stage. Theatre directors used to cast women from red light areas. This was a legacy to the Indian performing arts as a whole, where, since ages, the only theatre artists used to be the prostitutes. Binodini was one among such actor, who came from red light area of Kolkata as a prostitute. However her exceptional talent helped her stand out among all and be one of the major Bengali thespians of her time. She had started her career as an actress at the tender age of twelve and by the time she retired, she was 23 years old. Theatre lovers remembered her name for the ages to

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