Biases And Prejudices Of The Victim

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Milestone 1 As I began to consider the biases and prejudices that could hinder me from being able to empathize with clients I realized my biases are mostly rooted in the traits and personalities of those whom I feel have wronged me. I feel I have biases towards bullies and those who play the victim. On top of this I feel I have prejudices towards any who are morbidly obese and child abusers. I believe I can change change these biases and prejudices, but I believe it will take hard work and therapy to work through them. One of the primary biases I have are towards those who play the victim. I grew up with a mother I adored. She was my biggest fan, my greatest supporter, and one of my greatest friends. However, after high school my parents got divorced and different realities of my mom’s personality began to come out. It first began to seep out through her version of why the divorce happened. She would relay several of the same stories of how my dad had fallen short. In those encounters I never heard my mom take any ownership of her part in the problem. However, when I spoke with my dad about the divorce he would openly confess what he had done wrong and how he had fallen short. This was not as difficult to handle as the stories my mom spread about the divorce to my parents friends. In her retelling of their divorce my dad was a monster and she was a helpless victim. These stories spread throughout the social circles at my brothers’ High School and ended up ostracizing my

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