Essay about My Core Values and How I Learned Them

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What are your core values?
My core values consist of the following: accomplishment, benevolent, determined, gallant, helpful, merciful, opportunity, optimistic, perseverance and vigorous.
Where/how did you learn these values? I had learned these core values from my family, teachers/professors, peers and myself. While I was younger to the age I am now, I was shown how important it is to have strong characteristics that make you a person. Everything I had been through I had lost and gain some of the values along the way of my life. I will admit not all of these came at once; it took much time to see the importance of my life and progress what’s left in it. Most of the time, when I was stuck I’d ask for advice and see how others got
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A lot of these values can agree with the values in social work practice. By having a strong and positive outlook for myself will show me that I can work with those that are non-positive people and some that don’t see a direction and help them out. I might not know exactly how I will be able to do so right away, but if me and the client work together things can be done for the better. By seeing how I pushed myself can let me see how I can let others have a good outcome as well. For instance, looking at the dignity and worth of the person is going to have one of the strongest ways that a person seeking for help can change or get better for the best.
In what areas do your values diverge from social work values? However, there are ways that my bias comes into play when it comes to social work values. When I think something is right, it might actually be wrong due to the values social work has. Once I learn to set my personal matters behind I actually could see what needs to be addressed. Since I am unaware of what all my biases are on top of my head, I still have time to learn about them and put them aside to help the client I am working with. I don’t want the client to think that if I put my values into it, I’m not focusing on them when I’m there to help the client achieve after what needs done. If I think something is right with my values, it actually might not be the right way to handle a situation. Due to the values social workers have it shows us more of
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