Biblical-Genesis 1 : 24 The Creation And Fall Analysis

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Biblical - Genesis 1:1 – 3:24 The Creation and Fall

Who: God, Adam, Eve, and Serpent

Plot: In the beginning God created earth and heaven. Which involved both day, night, water, land, everything think of. After that God then created a man of his desire which was Adam. So, Adam would not be alone he gave him animals. Animals were not enough so then God created Eve from Adams rib. They both could eat of any tree except the one God had prohibited them to eat from. Then later in the fall a Serpent came and convinced Eve that is was okay to eat from the tree. Eve listened to the serpent and ate from the forbidden tree. Eve then convinced her husband to do the same. Then God cursed them sent them through pain.

Point: God gave these two humans everything they needed under one condition and they decided to disobey him which led to the down fall.

Other: Serpent was the symbol of the evil which Eve obeyed.

Genesis 4: 1-15 The First Murder

Who: Cain and Abel

Plot: The sons of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel. Abel was a keeper for the sheep so his offering for an animal meanwhile Cain was a tiller and his offering was a fruit. The lord accepted Abel’s and not Cain’s. Cain got frustrated and upset that the Lord did not respect or take him serious about his offering. Later, both Cain and Abel were out in the field and Cain killed his brother Abel. God then questioned Cain to see where his brother was and Cain replied with “I do not know, Am I my brother’s keeper”. After that Cain

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