Timeline Old Testament Essay

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Joseph M. Bolton RELS 103-02 Online Old Testament Studies Spring Semester 2011 Session E May 8, 2011 to July 2, 2011 The Old Testament TimeLine Creation & Primeval History The Creation: * God creates the Heavens and the Earth * God creates man in his image. * God creates Adam and Eve. * God places them in the garden. The Fall: * Eve is deceived and Adams falls. * Adam commits first sin. * God creates The Adamitic covenant. * God cast Adam and Eve out of garden. The Flood: * God cause rain for first time. * Noah, only good human on earth. * Noah and 3 sons build Ark. * Noah gathers animals on the Ark. * Earth and all living destroyed. * Flood ends after…show more content…
* Sold into slavery * Potiphar * Court of Pharaoh * Steward over Pharaoh’s estate * Famine * Egypt had plenty * His brothers come to Egypt for food. * Jacob and family move to Egypt Moses 15 Century B.C. * Found by Pharaoh’s Daughter as a infant. * Raised as Pharaoh’s son. * Parts the Red Sea. * Led Israelites out of Egypt to Promise land. * 10 Commandments on Mt. Sinai. * Only prophet to the Lord face to face. Joshua 15 Century B.C. * Successor to Moses Leading Israelites. * Led Israelites into Promise land. * Joshua battled the Amalekites. * Captured the city of Jericho. * Conquering five northern kingdoms * Defeated 31 kings. * Settled Israelites in Canaan. The Period of Judges Othniel 14 Century B.C. * Defeated the Cushan – Rishathaim. Ehud * Rescued the Israelites from Moabites. Shamgar – next judge of Israel. * Delivered them from Philistines. Deborah – 21 Century B.C. * First female judge. * She led Israel to victory against Sisera * Had Jael killed Sisera with a tent stake. * She defeated the Canaanites. * The song of Deborah is still sung today. Gideon 12 Century B.C. * Conquered the Midianite’s army. * Led Israel into forty years of peace. *
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