Big Momma's House Analysis

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In 2000, Raja Gosnell’s comedy Big Momma’s House prospers in demonstrating a criminal case assigned to FBI agent Malcolm Turner, acted by Martin Lawrence, who conceals himself as an overweight elderly African American lady. Portraying the dark skinned FBI agent Malcolm Turner as an Asian companion in the opening scene, the audience may already be surprised by the agent’s ability in disguising so perfectly, foreshadowing clearly following occurrences (cf. Big Momma’s House, 2000: 00:01:29 – 00:02:04). Thus, being a master of disguise, Malcolm Turner is given the assignment to trap the brutal bank robber Lester Vasco, who has escaped from prison. In order to capture Lester, Malcolm Turner and his partner John Patterson are sent to a village in…show more content…
Further analysis of the character Big Momma has to be made carefully, since Malcolm Turner is just pretending to be Big Momma, why characteristics can only be examined as suggestions by taking the reactions of friends and relatives into account. When Sherry Pierce arrives at her grandmother’s house, the pretended Big Momma outlines a crucial difference in comparison to the real Big Momma. Trying to cook for starving Sherry and Trent, Big Momma shows perfectly her disability to cook by using way too much butter, oil, and lard and burning herself due to heighted oil, ending up in almost setting the kitchen on fire (ibid. 00:21:12 – 00:24:35). However, this scene may not be taken too serious in the representation of the real Big Momma, because film director Raja Gosnell may have included it only to add comedic relief. Under crucial evaluation, other scenes can also be categorized as being matter of comedic relief. Exemplarily, helping Trent to revenge himself after having been mobbed at a basketball game, Big Momma evinces olympian talent in playing basketball, running and jumping around and even hanging from the basketball hoop (ibid. 00:49:45 – 00:52:15). Additionally, the pretended Big Momma attends a self-defense course where she is shocked by the course instructor’s harsh treatment towards a friend. As a consequence, she challenges the instructor throwing him around the room and eventually defeating him (ibid. 00:43:11 – 00:45:59). Those three film scenes serve clearly for the spectator’s amusement and entertainment, since Big Momma is first conversely depicted as a lady, having indeed cooking and baking abilities. Second, an elderly and pyknic lady would never be able to do such physical
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