Bilbo And Frodo Baggins : Hobbits

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Bilbo and Frodo Baggins: Hobbits turned Heroes
By: Connia Ren In every story, there is the hero, a man of strength, courage and swordsmanship who slays dragons and saves princesses. However, in The Hobbit you have the most unlikely, unexpected hero. Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit who resides in his hobbit hole and lives an ordinary and exceedingly comfortable life. You would not expect a creature of his size and stature to save kingdoms and lands. But he inevitably gains strengths and abilities that enable him to become a hero. Much like him is Frodo Baggins, Bilbo’s younger nephew. He is also an unusual, non-traditional hero. Bilbo and Frodo both sought for adventures gained courage, perseverance, and were loyal and true to their companions. Although, Bilbo had more external conflicts in his adventure and Frodo experienced more of an internal struggle in his adventure, they both shared one common characteristic: they were traditional heroes that became non-traditional in the end. The first step to becoming a hero is accepting the call to adventure. A hero must be willing to take on the challenge even if they do not know the difficulties and roadblocks ahead. Bilbo was skeptical when thirteen dwarves and Gandalf arrived at his doorstep inviting him to join their expedition to reclaim the Lonely Mountain. He refused to leave his home as venturing out of Bag End was out of his comfort zone. No matter what offer the dwarves or Gandalf gave him, he was as

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