Bill Burr: Outcast Analysis

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The podcast I chose to cover was Bill Burr's Monday morning podcast. The podcast was independently started by Bill Burr himself back in May of 2007 then in October 2012 it became a part of the podcast Network all things comedy which it still runs on today. Bill Burr is a very well accomplished comedian having any specials on HBO Starz and Comedy Central and also a recurring show on Netflix and also my favorite comedian so when I found out he had a podcast I had to tune in. Each podcast episode 1 hour where Bill will dive into past, current, and recent events Sports, interviews with guests, and my favorite segment is when he offers advice to listeners. The advice column is my favorite part because people always assume they know what Bill Burr will say or what advice he'll give on the …show more content…

Unfortunately comedy specials was the only opportunity I got to see him and enjoy his talent I told his podcast where I'm able to enjoy his comedy on a weekly basis. A big reason why I am a huge fan of his comedy and the podcast is because it is very honest and he's very honest on stage about what he feels and what he believes weather educated in that area or not. And because of this more often than not I find myself agreeing with his opinions. The only two problems that I have found with the current podcast is that Bill Burr is a Patriots fan. And the orher one is there's just not enough time in one hour. By that I mean the product it is very good, new, and fresh that it deserves more time to be fully fleshed-out like a weekly talk show or at least needs air more than once a week. I say this because so much happens over the course of one week one hour simply isn't enough time to really dive into it. If put in charge I would have a Monday Morning podcast and a Thursday afternoon podcast at the very least and then go from

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