Billy Is My Best Friend

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Billy is my best friend. I have known him since I was fourteen and a freshman in highschool and continues to be my best friend throughout my college career. Billy is an honest, trustworthy person, and he is an amazing friend. Billy is a bigger guy; he stands in around six-foot-three and he weighs approximately two-hundred-sixty pounds. At first glance, Billy may look like a caveman this is because in his free-time, he often wears leather coats, and he work on his blacksmithing skills. Billy is also a very well advanced hunter, fisherman, and pretty much an overall good outdoorsman, and he wears the stereotypical attire (Camo, etc.) that supports his aspirations. My friend Billy has always been on a higher level of understanding when it pertains to the issues of the world and day to day life struggles. For example, Billy has always been able to talk to me about issues pertaining to the struggles and worries about having a future family, the issues of world wealth inequality, pretty much if I bring up any kind of topic, Billy will be able to produce some type of material in context to the issue at hand. Billy is a gentleman in classical form, Billy has an older sister whom is twenty-four years of age and he has two nieces named Lydia and Lillian from that sister and her fiance. He is an amazing uncle to his nieces and he babysits them often. Overall, Billy is an amazing person, uncle, brother, and friend who is trustworthy and honest. First off, Billy is a trustworthy

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