Billy Wilder 's ' The Rain Vs. Sunset Boulevard '

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Singin’ in the Rain vs. Sunset Boulevard At first glance, Singin’ in the Rain, directed by Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen (1952) and Sunset Boulevard, directed by Billy Wilder (1950) don’t have too much in common. One is a musical comedy about an actor’s transition from silent films to talkies and the other is a film noir drama about an unsuccessful screenwriter’s murder. But upon closer inspection, these movies are about a common problem: the struggles of the film industry when talking pictures took over. Singin’ in the Rain starts with a red-carpeted movie premiere. The stars of the movie, Don and Lina, arrive and Don gives the interviewer the story of how he rose to fame. The movie switches to flashbacks, which contradict what Don is saying in his voice over. For instance, Don says he and Cosmo acted in many great theatres, but the flashback clips show them acting in bars and low-end theatre stages. After the film shows, Don and Lina take the stage and Don gives a speech, constantly interrupting, and silencing, his co-star. Once backstage, it is revealed that Lina has a very high-pitched and annoying voice. The actress, Jean Hagan, makes her voice high and squeaky in an over the top way, which comes into play later in the movie. Monumental Pictures, the studio they work for, decides to switch from silent films to talkies after the huge success of The Jazz Singer. It then becomes apparent that they are going to have a major problem with Lina and her not-so-sweet sounding…
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