Binary Search Tree Investigation

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Welcome to my commentary about trees.
I will try to make this as insightful as possible, due to my interest in both the area of data structures in Mathematics and Computer Science.

The reason why we use trees in mathematics is for organizing data into a structured manner and to link each of the pieces of data (from now on referred to as Objects), together.

The advantage of using a tree structure is due to it’s ability of holding continuous real-world data, which can be added and deleted at any time.

In other words, strictly for scientific purposes, trees are ideal manners of organizing data in a sequential, structured manner, and at the same time allowing for the structure to grow and shrink in real-time.

There are four
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Invalid data values (such as the country code "xx" or the zip code 00000) may be left undefined in the table, or mapped to some appropriate "null" value.
Step Three: Implementing Boolean Logic
As earlier referred to with Boolean logic, when we talk about modulus operation, it either is or it isn’t – black & white, on and off, or 0 or 1. The outcome, however, is always true in boolean logic because something “always” happens, one way or another.
This means there are two possible choices for the remainder, one negative and the other positive, and there are also two possible choices for the quotient. Usually, in number theory, the positive remainder is always chosen, but programming languages choose depending on the language and the signs of a and n.
Modulo operations might be implemented such that a division with a remainder is calculated each time. In this way, the hashValue is found, and thus it serves its purpose to find the “remainder

Further examples of Modulo operation, concerning boolean logic in mathematics:

Stating that x belongs to the integers (Z),

If x % 2n == x & (2n - 1) is true then the following below are true…

x % 2 == x & 1 x % 4 == x & 3 x % 8 == x & 7

And so on.

Step Four: Creating a branch within the tree, and Deleting a Branch

Naturally, given that we are talking of a data structure of linked objects, the place (where all the links of the individual objects originate from) is important to know, particularly
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