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Chemistry captivated me as a college freshman by her promise of truth. Truth was a magical word, and was all the more alluring when associated with science, which to me back then meant the absolute. The process by which truth emerged from chemistry was so elegant: I loved to envision different molecules combining their molecular orbitals to form a product with the lowest energy level, and could not stop marveling at how concepts like energy, almost metaphysically abstract, manifested themselves so concretely in chemical reactions. Everything that I learned became even more interesting in biochemistry, where complex chemical interactions unfolded in a dynamic biological system. After freshman year, I started my own research project …show more content…

I am also grateful for the social theories that enable me to examine the trivialities of life within explanatory frameworks, and for history that leads me to reflect upon where we currently stand through the lens of a complex past. Knowledge and explanations are desirable, but more than possessing the "truth", I wish to engage with a functional system that defies cynicism by exerting immediate impact on this bewildering world. With such realization, law, initially attractive because of its intellectually challenging nature, stirred a passion in me ever since, and along the self-explorations my long-standing interest crystalized. I could see that patients will suffer less if there is a legal network that safeguards their interest, and regulations can shorten the gap between scientific research and its intended beneficiaries by protecting true innovations and optimizing resource-allocation. The belief in law as a working system, subject to our adjustments yet with an independent regulatory authority over human behaviors, eases my anxieties that cannot find relief in the pure "truth". It is thus my hope to be part of the legal

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