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Most people have very strong political views, but not everyone can express their political opinions like George Orwell. Orwell got to express his opinions in his writings. He wrote about the sociopolitical conditions of his time. For a man whose career started as a dishwasher, he came a long way to be known as the great author he is known as today. In this paper George Orwell's early life, his variety of jobs before becoming a writer, his many successes and failures and some of his best known novels and critiques of them, and his sad death will all be discussed. George Orwell was born in Motihard, Bengal, India on June 25, 1903 (George Orwell 1). He was born into a family in the upper middle class (Orwell, George 1). His birth name was …show more content…

His variety of jobs might have come from his variety of interests (George Orwell 2). Orwell was interested in fishing, carpentry, gardening, and raising animals. He was a dishwasher in Paris, France in 1929. He was also a shopkeeper and a Clerk. One of Orwell?s most influential jobs was being a police officer for the Imperial Police in Burma from 1922 to 1927(Serafin 3). The Imperial police changed his philosophical perspective. If it wasn?t for the Imperial police he wouldn?t have been the writer he is known as today because it affected his creative legacy and his political consciousness (George Orwell 1). He resigned from the Imperial police with the intention of becoming a writer. After resigning he became a teacher. He had three teaching jobs. Two were in Hayes, Middlesex, England and Uxbridge, England (Orwell George 2). Then he taught at The Hawthorns. He then became a producer of educational radio programs in 1941. After Orwell?s variety of jobs he finally got to pursue his dream of becoming a writer. He started as British novelist and essayist. (Orwell George 3). Then he went to work at the Tribune as a literary editor. Orwell had many successes and failures in his writing career. Coming up for Air was his first novel to attain real success (Serafin 12). Burmese Days was another one of Orwell?s successes. Down and out in Paris and London to some was one of Orwell?s failures. Although he never wrote an autobiography his early works were highly

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