Biography Of Ramses

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Ramses the II was born 1303 B.C. and lived till 1213 B.C. Ramses started ruling in his early twenties and Ruled for 66 years (reigned 1279 BC-1213BC). He was the third ruler of the 19th dynasty during the new kingdom and the second longest reign of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs. Ramses father was Pharaoh Seti I, His mother was Queen Tuya, and his grandfather was Ramses the I. Ramses II had an older brother, but shortly after his father had died his brother died when raamses was at the age 14 years. Leaving Ramses the II the heir to the throne. Ramses father raised him to be a military leader, and at the age of 10 he started leading the military troops. Around 1274 BC he led his military force in what is one of the most famous battle while Ramses reigned, The battle of Kadesh. Ramses the II nickname is "The Great ONe". In the fourth year of his reign, he led an army north to recover the lost provinces his father had been unable to conquer permanently. The first expedition was to overcome rebellious local dynasts in Southern Syria, to ensure a secure place for further decisions. In the eighth year of his reign, Ramses II again led military campaigns against the Hittie and successfully captured the cities of Dapor and Tunip, reaching where no Egyptian pharaoh had been since Thutmose III, almost 120 years ago. …show more content…

He also deployed a clever strategy to capture Sherden sea pirates who were attacking cargo-laden vessels. He also moved the capital of called Pi-ramesses. The reason for the shift in the capital was most likely because it was much closer to the Egyptian vassal states in Asia and to border with the hostile Hittie empire. Pi-Ramesses went onto become one of the largest cities on ancient Egypt and flourished for a century after the death of Ramses II. He also moved his kingdom from Thebes in the Nile valley to a new site in the eastern

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