Comparing the Reign of Ramses II with the Reign of Sargon of Akkad

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Comparison and Contrast of Ramses II and Sargon of Akkad Ramses II and Sargon of Akkid are rules or legand and considered among the great rulers of their civilizations. Ramses II was the Pharoah of Egypt from 1303 B.C. until 1213 B.C. During which time he expanded the Egyptian empire and founded a culture that would remain for hundreds of years. Sargon of Akkad was the King of Mesopotamia from 2270 B.C. until 2215 B.C. During his reign the Mesopotamian empire was also increased the result of which left Sargon with the name King of Battle. While these two rulers lived a century apart, their triumphs, legacies and ancient associations are very similar. Both rulers earned their fame and association because of the large conquests completed under their reign. Ramses II has eight legendary military battles for which he earned fame (Kitchen 57). From the battle against the Sherden sea pirates to his three campagnes against Syria, he consistently returned a hero (Kitchen 40). During his reign, he succuessfully returned territories back to Egypt that had been taken by the Nubian and Hittite nations (Kitchen 48). It is believed that Ramses II had an army totaling 100,000 men, which is considered very formidable for this time period (Grimal 250-253). Sargon started his military campagne immediately after coming to power and by the end of his reign he had taken over expanded the empire as far as Ebla in the North and Elam and Golfe in the South (Botsforth 24). His army

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