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Kishore Biyani is the person whose talent is transforming India Retail and
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While in college he organized Disco Dandiya in his own locality first of its kind in south Mumbai. It was first popular trend that he picked on early and was able to capitalize on it.
So as one grows and starts to learn and understand life, he starts to question as well. At a very early stage, one starts creating mental models to interpret various observations. At that point if one finds that what he has learnt on his own is different from what is being practiced in reality. He tries to distinguish the right from the wrong. He soon starts to seek answer to everything and then life transforms. So attitude of questioning is very important. Until one questions the establish way of doing things, one won’t be able to come up with something new.
Thus he left his family business and started his own journey- entrepreneurial journey…..
He kept looking for beachheads to realize his dreams. He tried multiple things that could be ideal for ‘new’ India that was emerging.

His dream was to make a place on a simple idea: Rewrite rules, retain values. His fundamental belief created a new kind of marketplace, forever transforming Indian retail. Today his core values continue to guide how he does business and improve the quality of life of the people they serve.
At his Future Group they are committed to being a catalyst of positive change in the communities, societies, and business sectors in which they operate. They envision India’s transformation

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