Biography of Roger Sherman Essay

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Roger Sherman
Roger Sherman is someone that you may say is the forgotten founding father, so let’s change that. Roger Sherman was a very influential politician and lawyer, being admired by some of greatest and brightest men of this time.
Roger Sherman was born in Newton, Massachusetts on April 19, 1721. When Sherman was two, his family left Newton to go a small town called Stoughton. This town was and still is about 21 miles from Boston, Massachusetts. Sherman’s father farmed some land in Stoughton to support his family. Because of this, Sherman and his siblings where not provided with a formal education. At the time when Roger Sherman was 13, a reverend that graduated from Harvard named Samuel Danbar, helped Sherman learn math, …show more content…

Not long after the opening of this store, Sherman was told by a neighbor of a coming legal issue. Sherman was intending on visiting the town that there was an attorney at, so he agreed to go for his friend and tell the points in the dispute. The subject was complex, so Sherman wrote some notes about it. Whenever Sherman went and stated the case, while referring to his notes. The attorney was impressed by Sherman’s skill at such things, and told him that he should really consider becoming an attorney. After this, Sherman starting studying law. Along with him studying law, he still had the responsibilities of his family. Later, Sherman thought he should close down his shop and join a business partnership with his older brother, who owned a general store. After he was convinced to start studying law, he then began to go through a long chain of jobs. At the age of twenty four, after he was in a partnership with his brother, he became the county surveyor of Litchfield County. In 1754, he became an attorney and was admitted to bar. If you are admitted to bar, that means that you are given permission to practice law in a certain court system. He very quickly proved that he was trustworthy and responsible enough to be quickly promoted through the rank of the court system. Sherman managed to become justice of the peace for New Milford within a single year of being admitted to bar. In

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