How Did Daniel Shays Wrote The Constitution

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Daniel Shays: A founding father People everyday are not credited for things they did or helped do. A historical figure that is controversial over the idea that he should be credited for something is Daniel Shays. Daniel Shays should be credited as a founding father of the United States Constitution, not on the basis that he helped write the constitution, but on the idea that he caused the formation of the constitution to occur and his ideas were written into the constitution. Daniel Shays’ participated in wars early on in his life, but eventually settled in Pelham, Massachusetts, and owned about 250 acres of farmland. Continued financial difficulties from the war led Shays to sell over half the farmland, and later being sued for unpaid debts and had much difficulty in meeting his obligations. A prodigious amount of farmers in Massachusetts during this time were going through similar financial hardships; because of the Massachusetts legislature attempting to pay off its state’s war debts, they used hard taxation policies, causing situations to become worse. People petitioned for better relief and reforms but none came, the legislature in Massachusetts ignoring the fact that their citizens are petitioning and sending them resolutions to fix this problem. This led to the rebellion of the farmers against the government: Shays’ Rebellion. Shays’ Rebellion started in 1786, when thousands of farmers and men marched into courthouses and prevented them from continuing business.

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