Biological Effects from Exposure to Second-Hand Smoke

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Recently, there has been a lot of up-to-date evidence dealing with biological effects from exposure to second-hand smoke. A lot of people aren’t educated about this topic, but second-hand smoke can harm someone almost as much as someone who actually smokes, depending on how often he/she is around it. Young children are a huge target for this subject because many biological and medical researchers have found second-hand smoke causing lifetime damage, and many other negative effects to children as they grow. Smoking bans in certain areas around the world has caused the number of children’s hospital visits for asthma to drop significantly (Louis 1). Children are also greatly affected by second-hand smoke and some parents do not realize the harm that they are causing to their young children. Young children are growing fast and their lungs are also growing very fast and second-hand smoke can seriously damage their lungs temporarily or even permanently. Children can’t walk away from second-hand smoke, either because they are too young to walk or their parents won’t let them. When children are riding in the back of a car and an adult decides they want to smoke, the child or children have no other choice but to breathe in the thick, chemical filled smoky air. “16 percent of the world’s population is covered by comprehensive smoke-free laws, and 40 percent of children worldwide are routinely exposed to second-hand smoke” (Louis 2). With the research that is found, if that 40 percent
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