Biological Effects of the Feed in Novel, Anderson's Feed by Matthew Tobin Anderson

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In Anderson’s Feed, most of the American population is joined to the internet with chips implanted into their brains. This might not be the first science fiction novel to explore the idea that the internet is in our brains, but it does so with an awareness of how that might affect our planet and our biological being in a very visceral, fleshy way. The feed is destroying the planet and interrupts common, basic biological functions. Not only are humans themselves decaying and humanity ceasing to exist, but even the planet has become so polluted that it cannot sustain or support it natural cycles or maintain many populations of wildlife.
The Feed is literally an organ, an integral part of your body: "Before that, computers were all outside …show more content…

Still, we all know that Facebook is becoming more and more commercialized with their "promote" function and Facebook uses our information to advertise to us. The "newsFEED" is not only loaded with friendly updates, but also notifications (that I have to believe are false) that so and so "likes Aeropostale" or whatever company they decide to notify. In other words, we have already outsourced our memories to the internet Cloud, but we still have private memories that are not uploaded, memories attached to sensation and perception that we can sometimes recall or set off with a smell, taste, or touch. These memories are still "ours" and a deep part of our being which allow us to maintain link to humanity.
The Earth itself is being neglected and abused by thoughtlessness and waste products of American Feed corporations. There is so much pollution that the atmosphere and Earth are being destroyed. This is a world hit by environmental disasters, the severity of which can only be read between the lines. There can only be synthesized clouds now that the atmosphere will not allow actual clouds to form and is not able to support natural weather patterns. This is a world where living creatures can no longer reproduce without assistance. And this is a world where startling

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