Biological Implications

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A positive biological implication of PGD is if they seem to remove the allele from the DNA of the embryo, then the allele will not be present in the generations following.

A big biological implication is the fact that the results obtained from PGD is not 100% accurate. The test accuracy varies from 90% - 99% accurate depending of the PGD test used. Therefore there is up to a 10% error rate with PGD. A reason why the testing may not be 100% accurate is that it is possible for the biopsed cell or cells to not be an accurate representative of the entire embryo, leading to a misdiagnosis. Another reason leading to PGD not being 100% accurate is the clarity of the results that have been obtained. Some results are more difficult to interperate
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On average, IVF wuth medications costs from $15,000 - $17,000. The PGD pricess then adds another $3,000 - $6,000. So overall the entire process tends to cost on average between $18,000 - $23,000. This very large cost means that some people are unable to partake in this process. This costs reults in the difference of having a child or not for some families.…show more content…
Due to the process taking long periods of time waiting for results about embryos or waiting to hear if they are pregnant, there is a hige mental strain on these families as they have dedicates so much time, effort and money and have opened themselves up to be in a very vulnerable position. Adding to this, the drugs used in the process rises the womens emotions more then they were to begin with, making them have mood swings. A Greek user of IVF stated “Psychologically, the hormones make you very irritable and reacting strange to everything. Physically, there is water retention and great swelling in your belly. Financially, [costs] lots of money, and especially in the beginning of a young couple’s new life, where they have many expenses. In the relationship with your partner, due to being more irritable from the hormones but also from the general situation, you have extra demands from your husband and he cannot understand that, poor him. Family: they all look at you questioningly every time they see you, [asking] ‘are you pregnant? Did it work? Do not do this or do not do that…’ Social circle: suddenly they are all interested to hear from you and suggest solutions; everybody expects to see you with a round belly and if that does not happen, they treat you as if you are
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