Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder Heather McLean HCA/240 Maryam Pirnazar 4/14/2013 Introduction Bipolar disorder is a brain disorder it can cause shifts in moods, activity level, energy, and also the ability to due day-to-day tasks. It is also commonly known as manic- depressive illness. This disorder is one of the oldest illnesses that is known. It is one of the first noticed that goes as far back and the second century. The first person that recognized the some of the symptoms is Aretaeus of Cappadocia. What he found went unnoticed until Richard Burton a scientist wrote a book, which the main focus was depression. This is still used in today’s time. There are many different myths and misconceptions about bipolar …show more content…

It cant be found through a blood test or even a brain scan, although these tests can help make sure that there are not any other contributing factors. The doctor can then conduct a evaluation of mental health. He can also give a patient a referral to a mental health professional, like a psychiatrist, which is more experienced with diagnosing bipolar disorders. When conducting a diagnostic evaluation they discuss all family history and get the patients history of any symptoms. They will also talk about the patients close relatives and spouse. Getting more information about the patient and what they are going through in life will also help determine whether or not they are bipolar. When a person has bipolar disorder, they are more likely to look for help in their most vulnerable state, which is when they are depressed. Making sure that the patient is not mistakenly diagnosed it is important for the doctor to make sure that the patients medical history is done with care. After going thought the process of being diagnosed, the doctor will then find the appropriate treatment for the patient. Treatment Bipolar disorder has no known cure. The best thing for patients is to have proper treatments, to have a better control over their mood swings and other symptoms they may have. Patients with bipolar disorder are in need for a long-term treatment because the disorder is a lifetime disorder.

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