Birth And Death By Frederic Skinner Essay

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Birth and Death Burrhus Frederic Skinner is one of the most influential psychologists to study and practice, the ideology of Behaviorism. The concept behind behaviorism is to understand the thought that emphasizes the importance of experience in governing behavior while, the key role of behaviorism was to the determine the laws that govern learning (Claypoole, 2016). Skinner was born on March 20, 1904 and died on August 18, 1990 due to Leukemia.

There are many personal and historical events that shaped B. F. Skinner as a Behavioral Psychologist. Skinner got his Master’s in Psychology at Harvard University on May 1, 1930. While, studying psychology and behaviorism, he invented an operant conditioning chamber, also known as “the Skinner Box”. After one year, Skinner received his PhD in Psychology and on November 29, 1938, his first book was published called The Behavior of Organisms. The book is about an experimental analysis and studies on his theory behind operant conditioning and behavior. After having achieved a significant amount of success, he invented The Baby Tender under the influence of his wife, Yvonne who desired to have crib that was safe for a baby by keeping it from trapping it legs or suffocating itself under blankets or within bars. Furthermore, during World War II, Skinner trained pigeons to continuously peck at a target and this would allow the missile to hold in target. On November 29, 1948, he published a fictional book called Walden Two. In this

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