Breaking Ground Of The Mental World

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Breaking Ground in the Mental World “Opening Skinners Box” a book by Lauren Slater written about the ground breaking experiments in the psychological world. Posing ways to not only get the answers to all of the big questions but to understand why we chose to accept those answers. In the early years phycology was an unknown, scary and intimidating area that many people wanted answers to. In all of the compelling research and ground breaking experiments, for each answer that came up, two more questions came with it. The mind is a tricky thing to grasp, but thanks to a few well known scientists we are a little closer to understanding it. B.F. Skinner, the man who set the gold standard for shaping in behavioral anyalisis, known for his animal experiments using boxes built his way into becoming America’s leading neo-behaviorist. Skinner entered into the experimental world almost unintentionally, starting out life to become a novelist then completely switching gears on a whim of curiosity. Skinner didn’t start with a plan, he just had a question, he wanted to understand the behavior of living things. Thus, forming his infamous boxes, not knowing where it would lead him, but wanting to see it something was going to come from it. Using squirrels he began to use a reward system to train them, noticing that the squirrels can relate doing one form of action to get a treat. This experiment proved very promising and went onto applying the same training techniques to other animals and

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