Birth Of Venus By Botticelli And Child Enthroned With Saints By Duccio

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Artist in the prehistoric and medieval periods used art to illustrate ideas and concepts affecting their prehistoric societies. Most of the artistic works of this time and their presentation had a cultural and stylistic significance. The arts portrayed a particular ideas concepts and themes. An example of this works includes, Birth of Venus by Botticelli and Child Enthroned with Saints by Duccio. The paper seeks to compare and contrast these two works basing on the differences in artistic styles and cultural contexts used.
Birth of Venus
Birth of Venus is one of the world most famous and appreciated works of art. It was painted by Botticelli '. The picture hangs in the country villa of the Medici indicating that the work got commissioned by Medici family. In this painting, Venus rises from the sea looking like a classical statue and floats on a seashell .it gives one of the surest and most recognizable art images in the history. On Venus right is Zephyrus, who is the god of winds and carries with him the gentle breeze of Aura and together they blow the goddess of love ashore. Goddess of seasons, the Horae, waits to receive Venus and spreads out a flower covered robe in readiness for the Love Goddess arrival. Botticelli took some of the inspiration for a hymn by Homer, the classical poet. However, it was an unusual subject for the time since "most Renaissance artists used themes from the teachings of the Catholic church for their paintings" (Corsini, 6).
It was in the keeping…
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