Birthday Parties: Then and Now

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My house covered in balloons and streamers, my friends and I playing musical chairs or hot potato, and me blowing out my candles on my mom’s homemade chocolate cake. It was a simple affair, just me and my friends having a great time at my house. So, when my son was approaching his 7th birthday, I wanted to throw him a birthday party as memorable as the parties my mom had for me. It was during the process of planning his party that I came to realize simplicity may just be a thing of the past. My birthday parties were always in the basement of our small, brick ranch house. There was always two parties, one for my friends and one for my family. When my mom would began planning my party, she would ask me what color streamers I wanted--usually pink, and what flavor cake—always chocolate. I would give her list of friends I wanted invite, mostly the neiborhood kids I played with and my best friends from school. My invitations were simple: “You’re invited to a Birthday Party” on the cover, and inside there were lines to fill in my name, address, time and date--rsvp line not included. I would then, run enthusiastically to each of my friends’ house and hand them or their parents an invitation. My Mom had my party planned in just a few hours, planning my son’s party however; would require a lot more time and energy.
“Mom, I want a superhero party!” my almost 7 yr. old…
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