Bisphenol A in polycarbonate is not a Serious Hazard to Human Health

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Is the Bisphenol A in polycarbonate a serious hazard to human health?

Abstract: Polycarbonate, which is a polymer plastic, is found in many bottles and food packaging around the world. However, because Bisphenol A is used in the processing of it, there is a potential danger to humans. Bisphenol A is a molecule that is a hormone inhibitor and also mirrors the function of estrogen. Although the EPA has released a safe level for Bisphenol A ingestion, recent research has shown that those levels may not be safe for humans. Until further testing is done, scientists aren’t certain of the threshold of BPA intake in humans before dangerous health effects occur.
Polycarbonate of Bisphenol A is a thermoplastic polymer that is easily
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However, it is the molecule of Bisphenol A that is causing the most problems with the polycarbonate.
Bisphenol A’s molecular formula is C15H16O2 and a molecular mass of 288.29.
Three million tons of this hazardous polymer is produced yearly1. At room temperature, it is a white solid and has a phenolic odor. 2 This chemical is an endocrine disrupter, and its presence in large quantities within the body would probably be fatal. Tests have been done on rats with exposure to BPA which shows that it raises levels of hormones such as prolactin in both males and females as well as lowering the level of testosterone. 3 Studies have shown that BPA is comparative to the estrogen hormone, as supported by those test results on rats. The Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA) has set the level of safe exposure to BPA at 50 μg/kg/day, but this is based on research that was done in the
1980s. 4 More recent studies have said that intake at that level would still be seriously
2 Chapin R, Adams J, et al.
3 Benson (131-138)
4 Benson (131-138) 4 harmful to humans, depending on different body chemistry. 5 It is especially more dangerous for women, and even more so for those who are pregnant. The chart on the previous page shows some of the effects of

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