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BAM! The Black Arts Movement The amazing era of the Black Arts Movement developed the concept of an influential and artistic blackness that created controversial but significant organizations such as the Black Panther Party. The Black Arts Movement called for "an explicit connection between art and politics" (Smith). This movement created the most prevalent era in black art history by taking stereotypes and racism and turning it into artistic value. This connection between black art and politics was first made clear in a great essay written by Larry Neal in the summer of 1968. This essay illustrated the Black Arts Movement's "manifesto" or plan. Neal wrote: "The Black Arts Movement is radically opposed to any concept of the artist…show more content…
The poem went on to read, Poems are bullshit unless they are teeth or trees or lemons piled on a step. Or black ladies dying of men leaving nickel hearts beating them down. Fuck poems and they are useful, wd they shoot come at you, love what you are, breathe like wrestlers, or shudder strangely after pissing. We want live words of the hip world live flesh & coursing blood. Hearts Brains Souls splintering fire. We want poems like fists beating niggers out of Jocks or dagger poems in the slimy bellies of the owner-Jews." (Norton 1943)" All agreed the words Baraka used were harsh, but that is the essence of writing in this era. Any words, illustrations, and depictions can be used to describe the feelings of Black Power. His words, "Fuck poems that are useful" summed up that the black community was not looking for false hopes but for reality. This poem had a very powerful effect on the black community who related to the desire of Black Art (Bader). His poems contained an unconventional syntaxes, different poetic rhythms, and dark urban dialect creating interesting poems that illustrated the movement he helped create. Baraka was the first to illustrate this movement in such a vulgar but amazing way. He described the type of writing that Black people
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