Black Boy By Richard Wright Essay

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Ryan Giacobazzi Mr. Anderson English 1 1 December 2016 Black Boy Essay In the world, segregation and oppression has always been a problem. Moreover, blacks have been treated inhumanely and terribly for years. Especially for Richard, he always gets treated like trash and beaten even when he does nothing wrong. He is even discriminated against by other blacks for being different and having an opinion. In Black Boy by Richard Wright, Richard is trying to convey how white people, in particular, dictate everything blacks do and how it drastically alters the way he acts around them and how he ultimately approaches life. In his life, Richard struggles to blindly listen to what others think he should do. He knows he is supposed to do what they say, but he has this “consciousness” that seems to infuriate people. One example of this is when Richard accidently drops the orange soda in the store he is working at. “Yes, sir,” I said placatingly. “It was my fault” (Wright 195). Richard 's response enraged his boss. This shows how Richard is too strong willed and defiant to correctly speak to white people. He knows what he is supposed to say and how to say it, but what comes out always seems to make the situation more dire. Another example of Richard’s incorrect speech is when he forgets to call the man who was giving him a ride by sir. “Nigger, ain’t you learned no better sense’n that yet?” “Ain’t you learned to say sir to a white man yet?” (181). This quote demonstrates Richard’s

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