Book of Negroes Essay

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“The Book of Negroes is a master piece, daring and impressive in its geographic, historical and human reach, convincing in its narrative art and detail, necessary for imagining the real beyond the traces left by history.” I completely agree with The Globe and Mail’s interpretation of this story. One could almost see the desolate conditions of the slave boats and feel the pain of every person brought into slavery. Lawrence Hill created a compelling story that depicts the hard ships, emotional turmoil and bravery when he wrote The Book of Negroes. In the exposition of The Book of Negroes one does not realize the amount of emotional turmoil the African people are about to face. At first glance the village of Bayo seems to be a…show more content…
A big man took me by the arm and pulled me to the door. “We don’t serve niggers.” He said.” They were all stripped of their dignity, hope and faith. The Book of Negroes portrays a very vivid sense of realism throughout the entire story. As one follows Aminata through the excruciatingly painful journey she calls life, her pain, suffering and fears can be felt and seen by the reader. The hardships felt by the African people are heart wrenching. They lost everything that was ever home to them and taken to a world that treated them unfairly. These poor people suffered at the hands of the toubab, “white man.” Aminata herself watched her mother die in front of her, “But another man intercepted her, raised high a big, thick club and brought it swinging down against the back of her head. Mama dropped. I saw her blood in the moonlight, angry and dark spilling fast.” (pg. 26) Losing family was not the only devastating occurrences they endured. They were shackled together, stripped of their clothing, rarely fed and at times they were caged like wild animals and branded. Many did not make the trip to Sullivans Island. There was so much death due to the poor conditions they were forced to live in. Once they were bought by the slave owners the treatment of them became much worse. They
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