Black Death Effect

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In 1348 the Black death arrived on European shores. The first part of Europe to get infected was Sicily. The international gates of Genoa and Venice experienced the symptoms about a year later. A lot people think the beginnings of the plague moved westward with trade caravans. Genoese and Venetian merchants got infected during a siege of their trading posts at Caffa. They brought the disease with them into the Mediterranean, Constantinople and Europe. Muslim merchants imported plague from Constantinople to Alexandria, Egypt. After that, others spread it to the westward Africa and the Middle East.

By 1350, when the Black Death retreated, it had already cut a quarter to half of the region’s population. In 1362, 1368, and 1381, The Black Death struck again and would intermittently strike during the 18th century. In the beginning of the Black Death, merchants …show more content…

When towns started to get infected, some merchants boarded ships to Venice and Genoa. But when they arrived there, only a few of those merchants were still alive.
During the Black Death, long-distance merchants risked having their cargo and supplies destroyed, quarantined, or delayed. Some trade cities would turn the supplies away from their docks or gates. Retail merchants usually shut down their shops, stopping their income and depriving their customers of their wares.

Finally, the worst of the Black Death had passed. Prices of many goods increased as customers went to reopened markets and shops. Surviving merchants had an advantage because of the increased prices by the deaths of their competitors. Merchants were able to hire workers and laborers because they were freed from the feudal system. Many wealthy surviving merchants were able to own land. Many wealthy merchants, who were Catholic, donated generous gifts that included contributions to local charities and the creation of huge

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