Black Death Essay: The Black Plague

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The Black Plague One cold afternoon we were sitting inside the castle waiting for Brandon and Brian to get home from school when my husband told me that he thought things not going well and he needed to leave so he packed his things and left. When the kids got home I told them that there dad left us and he left us the castle. I was very sad the rest of the day my kids were only sixteen and fourteen and now I had to take care of them by myself. The kids all ways were in the library because they loved to read it was one thing that kept them happy. It was time for the kids to go to school one morning the oldest Brandon had school but the youngest Brian did not so when Brandon left for school Brian and I spent the whole day reading books. …show more content…

We kept getting calls from the school saying many other kids were getting it as well. They told us we had to stay inside and I did not know what to do because brandon was left out there at school and we can’t go outside other wise we will get the plague and die. So we waited and waited to see if he would come home. That is when the school called and said that Brandon had the plague and he was going to die in a few hours. My heart sank and I was so terrified that I told Brian he was not allowed outside ever I could not let this happen to another child of mine. So he stayed in the house for years until he asked me why he was not allowed outside at this time the plague was still going on so I told him that it was just bad weather because I did not want him to be sad about his brother. Then one early morning I woke up to a note on the table and it said. The weather is very nice today and I wanted to see the pretty sun light I will be back in a few hours from

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