Black Lives Matter By Alex Nabaum

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Hate Group or Civil Rights Movement- ‘Black Lives Matter’ The New York Times article ‘The Truth of ‘Black Lives Matter’, written by author Alex Nabaum examines the actions of some members of the Republican Party, whom in the opinion of the writer are actively shaping the civil right movement’s message into a hate group directive. It’s controversial because critics state ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement, implies black lives are more valuable than white lives. The battle is literally being turned into a black and white issue which according to the author Nabaum this misdirection is intentional. Nabaum primarily writes on social issues such as the United States tarnished reputation around the world. Low income student’s experiences when attending Ivy League colleges. Nabaum being a writer for a news source that’s been around since 1801 (New York Times) helps to distinguish this writer as a creditable source. The article is effective demonstrating why the civil rights movement has selected phrasing that is considered inflammatory by some Americans and exhibits why this movement is not a hate group.
Nabaum explores the history of violence towards African Americans and how in most instances the violence is accept by all Americans. He scrutinizes how social change happens for the African American community frequently following a public and shocking acts of violence. He analysis the history of how African Americans have been killed for wanting the right to vote and reflects how…

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